New To Woodworking? These Are The Best Table Saws For Beginners

Best Beginner Table Saw

In a hurry? We believe that DEWALT (DW745) 10-inch saw is the best beginner table saw on the market right now.

One of the first power tools you may want to consider for your hobby as you get started is a portable table saw. Crosscuts, dados, and rips are all cuts you will need to make accurately as you improve, but what is the best table saw for beginners? Let’s take a closer look at the features as well as five models you might want to consider.

In this guide, we will be reviewing these products:

Understanding Table Saws

To choose the best starter table saw, there are some important features that you have to consider. The guide below will help you do just that.

It starts with the blade

Table Saw Riving Knife

Most of the table saw equipment that you will be looking at as a beginner will make use of 10-inch blades. There are compact models available that use saw blades smaller than 10-inches, but I would suggest avoiding them for now. They do not provide the ability to cut through thicker material and are often used for specialty cuts, such as making mitered edges on molding or thin baseboards.

Even with 10-inch blades, you will find a lot of options to choose from. Blades can come with many teeth that help to keep cross-cuts smooth looking, while fewer teeth and wider gullets are ideal for making rip cuts along the wood grain. You will also come across tooth and gullet patterns that fit between cross and rip cutting blades.

Something else to consider with table saw blades is the width of the blade or the kerf of the cut it makes. Thinner kerfs offer less resistance while wider kerfs will remove more wood. Teeth patterns are also available for difficult materials, such as MDF and plywood that tend to chip when cut with general tooth patterns.

FYI, we have created a guide to choosing the best table saw blades that you might want to check out.

Safety is priority number one

Let me start off by saying that I do not believe that the table saw is the most dangerous power tool in the workshop. With that being said, accidents with table saws can be more severe due to the design of the blade. Setting up and using the table saw correctly can help to prevent major problems during operation.

Always wear your eye and ear protection when running the table saw. Also, make sure to keep the floor around the saw clear and place the power cord so that it will not be in the way while you work. You need to take the time to make sure the table saw is unplugged before you start making adjustments to the blade or surface as well.

The most important safety tip to remember is: Use the proper blade height. You want the teeth of the blade to clear the surface of the wood if at all possible. On the other hand, you want to make sure that they do not extend too far above the wood surface to help prevent deep cuts into your body if your hand should slip into the path (or losing one or more fingers).

Things you should look for

As a novice to the hobby, you will want a power tool that is easy to adjust and use. Look for a product that is easy to set up from storage. Avoid units that require a lot of table surface and blade adjustments before they can be turned on.

Table adjustments allow you to tilt the surface of the tabletop itself, while adjustable fences allow you to work from the left or right side of the blade as you cut. Miter fences allow you to present the project at the exact angle you want as it addresses the blade.

If you have limited room in your work area, like me, then keep weight and storage in mind as you shop. If you have the room to mount a table saw unit to your work station, then these will probably be less important for you. No matter what, make sure that the table saw provides a secure base that will stay stable as you apply pressure and weight onto it.

Try to avoid cheaply built products that have rough table tops that are also uneven. Solid cast iron surfaces are usually the best options. They offer a truly flat surface and will also transfer less vibration as the saw is used.

You will also want a blade that is easy to insert and remove. Height adjustments need to operate smoothly, especially if plan to make dado cuts. If the blade can be tilted, it will really help to improve the versatility of the table saw as well.

Other features to look for include dust collection. Table saws generate a lot of waste that can build up quickly, covering the shop and getting into your eyes as well as lungs. A good dust port helps to eliminate most dust and debris.

Other features, such as blade guards or dado blade abilities, make these saw a true pleasure to use.

Don’t forget your push sticks!

Please, no matter what, always use push sticks when feeding your projects into the saw blade.

Best Beginner Table Saws That Make The Cut

Now let’s find out which specific table saw models are the best for entry-level woodworking enthusiasts.

SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand

New To Woodworking? These Are The Best Table Saws For Beginners 1


This 10-inch table saw offers you easy portability, something that will be useful for small workshops or work areas that move from place to place. It also collapses down for easier storage in your shop or vehicle.

  • The electric motor is rated at 15 amperages and provides 5,000 RPMs with no load on the blade, a nice speed for table saws in this price range
  • Skil uses an EZ view system that is a silver-colored plate with black lettering, design elements that make it easy to read when making adjustments to the blade
  • While it is heavier than some, this table saw can be used on a work surface or with the stand provided, giving new woodworkers more options for placement in or out of the shop
  • Its cast aluminum structure coupled with the thin folding legs provides a less stable work surface when compared to others and it also transfers more vibrations
  • The connecting clasps between the saw and leg assembly are a weaker design and could be improved on to provide more grab and holding power

Bosch GTS1031 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw

New To Woodworking? These Are The Best Table Saws For Beginners 2


The body is made from durable steel that is made to absorb impacts on job sites, making this unit great for novice woodworkers who may be a bit rough on their tools. That material should also provide a rigid body that is stable under weights and normal operation stresses.

  • This table saw is compact and designed for simple mobility, making it a great option for new woodworkers who lack a dedicated shop or work area with a lot of room
  • The self-aligning design of the square lock rip fence helps to provide accurate cuts with less effort than other rip fence designs
  • All levers and knobs used for adjustments are accessible from the front of the saw and are easy to manipulate with one hand
  • A more limited one-year warranty is a bit disappointing from such a well-known brand name, especially at this price point
  • While this unit does come with a one-handed grab handle, it weighs approximately 52-pounds, a weight that many will struggle to carry with one arm

DEWALT (DW745) 10-Inch Table Saw, 16-Inch Rip Capacity

New To Woodworking? These Are The Best Table Saws For Beginners 3


A real stand out feature on the Dewalt 10-inch table saw is the telescopic fence rails. They use a rack and pinion style railing that allows you to adjust this fence accurately, even at full extension.

  • This set up provides 15 Amps of power to a high torque motor, helping to power through cuts on harder woods with a denser grain without slowing down RMPs
  • You can adjust the fence on this product out to 20-inches, making it easier to rip cut sheet materials that other saws cannot hold with their shorter fences
  • Dewalt provides its customers with excellent services that include a 90-day money-back guarantee, one year of free service, as well as a three-year limited warranty on this table saw
  • There are quite a few adjustments for the user to get a handle on, especially if this happens to be your first portable table saw
  • A lack of a saw stand on this unit is a bit of a letdown, especially at the cost for the table saw

SKILSAW 10 In. Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

New To Woodworking? These Are The Best Table Saws For Beginners 4


A worm drive system is used to transfer power from the electric motor to the saw blade. This setup is designed to provide powerful energy transfer while extending the motor’s life. Skil offers a 180-day money-back guarantee on this model.

  • Its 15 Amp electric motor can generate up to 5,300 RPMs with no load, making this set up a nice choice for rip blades with wider kerfs
  • The design, as well as including an additional 40-percent copper surface area, allows the motor to run longer as well as cooler, a feature that is ideal for extended running sessions
  • Large buttons and easy to read numbers make this a safe and simple table saw to operate for inexperienced owners
  • The quality of the building materials on this model have not increased dramatically over other Skil products that come in under half of the price point of this model
  • A 25-inch wide rip capacity offered by the adjustable fence on this power tool is not as sturdy at full extension, which could transfer into errors on the alignment

Dobetter DBTS10 Portable 10-Inch Bench Saw

New To Woodworking? These Are The Best Table Saws For Beginners 5


An aluminum body may transfer more vibration but it also drops the overall weight for light mobility. This product also folks up nicely, leaving a small footprint that is simple to store in tight spaces.

  • It has wheels incorporated into the side of the body that make moving this portable saw a breeze for one person when the folding legs are used as a handle
  • An overload protector is placed within the system that helps to prevent damage to the electric motor and will allow you to reset the system easily
  • A blade beveling range from 0 to 45-degrees offers users plenty of options when making cuts with the miter fence
  • The joints on the folding stand are a weak point that can wear out over time, and the welds on the legs look a bit rougher than one would expect
  • It feels a bit top-heavy overall once the legs are extended and it feels a bit unsteady, which may require direct mounting to a bench or table in order to have a stable surface for the wood to sit on

Best Beginner Table Saw

Each product discussed above provides you with various features, depending upon the manufacturer and your budget. Of the five, I think the Dewalt DW745 10-inch table saw will provide the best cuts for novice woodworkers. It might be the most expensive on the list, but there are plenty of reasons why it is worth it.

First off, you have a solid design that is made from good materials. The frame will not flex while under load and the engine will offer plenty of power through the cut. All moveable parts are sturdy, meaning that you should get plenty of life out of this purchase before it wears out.

The adjustments themselves are easy to make while also offering accuracy. Many angles can be reached with the blade. Finally, Dewalt is known for their customer support, with great warranties and services provided to you.

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Best Beginner Table Saws (November 2019). Entry-Level Tools
New To Woodworking? These Are The Best Table Saws For Beginners 6

In a hurry? We believe that DEWALT (DW745) 10-inch saw is the best beginner table saw on the market right now. One of the first power tools you may want to

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