Low On Budget? Here are the best Inexpensive table saws under $300

Best Budget Table Saw Under $300

If you don’t have time to read the entire review, then our #1 pick for the best table saw under $300 is DEWALT DW745.

As many woodworkers know, a table saw can be one of the most valuable power tools in the workshop. The trick is finding the best cheap table saw that will meet your needs for a variety of projects. Included below is an overview as well as reviews of products that represent the best table saw under 300.

The Best Budget Saws We Will Review In This Article:

Affordable Table Saw Basics

If you are new to woodworking, you might be wondering what, exactly, a table saw is. Think of it as an upside-down circular saw mounted under a table. The circular blade stands above the table surface and is used to dimension your lumber.

do you need to have a table saw?

Traditionally, hand saws were used to cut a board to a specific length or width. I remember my grandfather’s shed and the wall of various saws he used for specific types of cuts. As power tools were slowly introduced to the job site and workshop, joiners were able to quicken the pace as well as provide straighter cuts. While circular saws are able to perform fairly accurate cuts through wood, a table saw provides the accuracy that is needed for many cabinetry or fine woodworking projects. They simplify the job.

Types of table saws

Mini table saws are extremely small power tools designed for building models and for cutting thin sheets or molding. The downside to these products is the limited depth of cut and the difficulty users experience when trying to cut through harder woods.

Bench-top table saws are larger and can handle thicker cuts. While they are designed to be bolted onto your workbench, most come with a lightweight stand. These power saws have a limited range when making rip cuts through lumber.

Job site table saws are the next size up and can handle wider cuts. They usually come with a surface that dampens vibrations experienced with bench-top saws, but they do use aluminum tops to keep the product lightweight.

Contractor table saws are the lightest of all stationary saws. They can be moved around fairly easily, but in general, they are designed to be placed in one area. Again, the upgrade provides for wider rip cuts and the motors are powerful than Job site designs.

Cabinet table saws are heavy units with powerful motors. This is the table saw I learned to cut on while I was in the woodshop class in High School. The cabinet keeps these running quietly while making dust collection easier.

Finally, the hybrid table saw takes elements from both the cabinet and job site products. These saws are more stable than their smaller cousins while offering a lighter weight and small price tag than the cabinet variety.

Read more about the different types of table saws in this article.

What to look for in an Inexpensive table saw?

If you are like me, a cabinet table saw will probably be overkill. I enjoy making things with my own hands but I just can not justify the need for a large cabinet in my shop. Mini table saws are very limited in what they can handle so I really haven’t found the need for one.

Bench-top, contractor and job site table saws provide enough power and cutting width for most of the woodworking that I do. For small projects, like making jigs or small cabinetry work, these power tools are able to handle the workload. These table saws are very affordable when compared to their stationary counterparts.

If I was looking for a good table saw, the first thing I consider is the stability of its tabletop. Some products in this range use aluminum tops that transfer vibration when used. I try to look for heavier designs that are webbed underneath.

Finding the most powerful motor within your budget is a big plus, especially if you plan to use the table saw a lot. I found myself upgrading after a year with an underpowered motor. A sturdy stand is a plus, as my shop requires a set up that can be torn down and moved frequently.

Having a good rip fence and a quality miter gauge included in the package prevents you from having to purchase these accessories separately. Don’t overlook the connection for dust collection. There is no standard outlet size, so you might have to get an adaptor to connect to your shop vac.

Finally, adjustability is a must. If the table tilts, the knobs must secure it properly. The same needs to be true of the rip fence.

Remember, safety first!

Power tools can be handled safely if you know what you are doing. Read the operator’s manual completely and follow its instructions. To prevent overloads, make sure you use the properly gauged extension cord (or avoid using one, to begin with).

Safety glasses are a must when working in the shop, and using ear protection will keep your ears from ringing from the continuous drone from your power tools. Never make a cut on a table saw without a push stick. They will keep your fingers away from the spinning blade and attached to your hand! Read more about how to use a table saw in this article.

Five Of The Best Cheap Table Saws

DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw, 16-Inch Rip Capacity (DW745)

Low On Budget? Here are the best Inexpensive table saws under $300 1


I wish that my first table saw had the 20-inch rip cut capacity that this unit provides, especially on my first chest of drawers that I built. Its 10-inch wide table can be widened, thanks to the telescoping fence rails. The tool-free adjustments on this model make it a quick table saw to use when making multiple cuts on boards.

  • This table saw weighs only 48-pounds when fully assembled, a fair weight for the power it generates.
  • The table adjusts from 10-inches to 24-inches of rip capacity when cutting wood panels.
  • Its 15 amp motor generates 4800 RPMs during use, allowing it to handle many hard kinds of wood.
  • Unlike some plastic bases, this table saw uses a more durable metal roll cage design.
  • The three-year limited warranty, one-year free service contract, and a 90-day money-back guarantee provide a lot of consumer confidence.
  • Its adjustable fence is easy to use but the rail stability could be improved upon.
  • The blade guard that is included with this table saw can be awkward to use.
  • This design, as with most Dewalt power tools, has a higher price point when compared to others on this list.

SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw With Folding Stand

Low On Budget? Here are the best Inexpensive table saws under $300 2


This affordable product is intended for the occasional DIY project or occasional hobbyist. The cast aluminum used for the table on the 3410 will generate vibrations, but the nice thing about this material is that it is light. It has a 3.5-inch cut height, a feature that should accommodate small woodworking projects without issue.

  • Skil has provided a basic table saw with an affordable price with this model.
  • It is capable of cutting bevels ranging between 2 and 47-degrees with ease.
  • The EZ View Measurement System makes reading and setting the fence simple to read, even in a bit of shadow.
  • A heavy-duty stand really helps to provide stability when cutting larger pieces on this table saw.
  • Unfortunately, the shallower cutting depth of this table saw is of limited value if you are planning to cut rough timber that is thick.
  • You will feel the vibrations through the cast aluminum table while it is in use.
  • The 5,000 RPM rating does drop noticeably when cutting, especially with thicker wood.
  • While its six-foot cord is acceptable, an extra couple of feet in length would prove valuable in the shop.

WEN 3720 15A Jobsite Table Saw With Rolling Stand, 10″

Low On Budget? Here are the best Inexpensive table saws under $300 3


A step up in size and power from the previous two models, the 10-inch WEN Jobsite saw offers increased power with its 15 amp motor that generates 440 RPMs. A handy feature of this design is the table extensions, which can expand on both the left and right side of the blade. This provides more flexibility for users.

  • It comes with large eight-inch wheels that allow it to be moved with less effort.
  • The blade can be set to cut boards 3 9/16 inches thick, providing a small increase in range over some units listed here.
  • When fully extended, the table provides a support area of 40 x 30 7/8 inches.
  • A 2.5-inch dust port provides a match for larger dust collection hoses often used in workshop dust collection systems.
  • On-board storage allows you to store the two wrenches and other accessories when they are not in use.
  • Its table extensions provide wider support at the expense of less stability than a solid surface would provide.
  • This unit is heavier than the other best table saw under 300 dollars reviewed here and may require assistance when the wheeled base is not used.

Delta Power Tools 36-6010 10″ Portable Table Saw

Low On Budget? Here are the best Inexpensive table saws under $300 4


If you are like me, your workshop doubles as a garage from time to time. This Delta Power Tools table saw folds up nicely for storage, something that I can appreciate with the limited space available for my woodworking hobby. A cord wrap at the back of the saw keeps things organized when the tool is not in use.

  • The blade on this table saw retracts nicely under the surface of the table, keeping the blade and your hand protected when it is moved or stored.
  • It has an oversized on and off switch that is conveniently located and that makes this product easy to switch off quickly in emergencies.
  • An X-frame design for the supporting legs opens widely, giving this model surprising stability for its size.
  • Blue colored levers and wheels allow these adjustments to stand out from the black frame.
  • This table saw makes use of an aluminum top to make it more portable, but this does give it a profile that seems less durable.
  • Another sacrifice in the design is that the table is designed to be used as a right-handed feed only.
  • Due to the lighter materials used, this table saw is very noisy.

Tacklife PTSG1A 10″ Table Saw With 40″X20″ Max Extendable, 15 Amp 120V, Extra Carbon Brush

Low On Budget? Here are the best Inexpensive table saws under $300 5


When I first started woodworking, I needed a budget-friendly model like this Tacklife 10-inch table saw. If you are hesitant to make that initial power tool purchase, a product like this can be a factor worth considering. The blade guard covers the teeth completely for added safety as cuts are made. This model has a small footprint that takes up little space.

  • The 4,800 RPMs allow the blade’s teeth to cleanly cut harder woods used in your projects.
  • While the maximum rip cut width on the left side of the blade is only 12-inches, you can cut rips up to 24-inches on the right.
  • Its compact design fits nicely on smaller workbenches and it weighs only 57 pounds.
  • As expected with this price point, the materials used for the table are not of the highest quality.
  • A completely open bottom will likely hinder dust collection when compared to a semi-closed table saw.
  • Its cutting depth is limited to only 3 1/8-inch when the blade is tilted to zero-degrees.

Which Would I Recommend?

While all of these products have great features, the DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Table Saw stands out. It provides the most stable work surface of the five, an important consideration with any platform.

The adjustments lock solidly which helps to ensure accuracy with your cuts. These adjustments are also easy to change with smooth levers and wheels. The compact design can telescope from a 10-inch surface to 20-inches. Lastly, it comes with a long warranty as well as customer support.

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