Ripping Through The Best Hybrid Table Saws in 2019

Best hybrid table saw

In a hurry? We have selected DELTA 36-715 Hybrid Intermediate Saw as the best hybrid table saw.

As you develop in your woodworking hobby, you will find the need to upgrade the tools in your shop. One tool I find myself using a lot is my table saw. This hybrid tackles all of the projects I build without issue. In this article, we will break down the features that you will find on the best hybrid table saw models, as well as a closer look at five specific hybrid models you might want to consider.

In this article, we will be reviewing these hybrid saws:

Hybrid Table Saws And Their Features

There is a lot of confusion online about what this kind of table saw really is when compared to other table saw types. Hopefully, I can answer some of the more common questions here.

What makes hybrids different from other types of table saws?

To begin with, a hybrid table saw is larger and more powerful than a benchtop, compact, or job site table saw. It will provide a more durable frame and tabletop (the best hybrids will make use of cast iron here) while using a larger belt-driven motor. It will not be as portable as these portable table saws, but it will handle larger pieces of lumber while providing more accurate cuts.

Traditionally, a hybrid fits in between the contractor and cabinet table saw types. It is less bulky and lighter in weight when compared to cabinet table saws. A hybrid will use a similar motor configuration as a cabinet table saw, but it will not provide the same level of power. A true cabinet saw will also be able to handle larger projects than a hybrid table saw can.

Conversely, most hybrid table saws will provide more stability than even the best contractor saw will by sacrificing mobility. Many older contractor saws used outboard motors similar to smaller saws and not the inboard mounting that a hybrid has. The extra stability and larger motors allow a hybrid to handle cuts that could prove impossible with most contractor table saws.

Who are hybrid table saws designed for?

First off, a hybrid might be overkill for someone just starting out with woodworking or for those who work occasionally. For them, a smaller compact table saw will do just fine. Hybrid table saws will make a poor choice at the construction site as well, due to the room that they take up and their lack of mobility.

I would recommend a hybrid table saw for most amateurs who are looking to upgrade their workshop’s cutting capability. Also, I would not hesitate to suggest a hybrid to replace an older contractor table saw. The subtle advantages are worth a little extra money.

Are there special safety precautions for using a hybrid table saw?

Table saw safety

Safety should always be your number one priority in the shop, especially with power tools. Table saws are generally safe tools when used properly, with only a couple of major safety concerns.

Your first point of concern will be the spinning blade, obviously. Taking the time to set a proper blade height that will cut through the wood without standing too far above it is important. This adjustment can prevent you from losing fingers or even a hand should you accidentally slip.

The second point of concern is wood kickback during the cut. Many of today’s models include features, discussed further below, that help to reduce your lumber’s tendency to lift off of the table or pinch between the blade while sawing.

Perhaps the most important safety device when using a table saw, besides your safety glasses, will be a push stick. My grandfather drilled it into me when I was young that I should never reach for the wood near a moving blade or to push it through the cut by hand. Sound advice, if I do say so myself.

How should I choose the best hybrid table saw

Cutting ability

There are many types of cuts that you can make with a table saw, with the rip cut being the most common. Any potential product should have a blade that adjusts easily and locks securely.

The table saw should include both a table saw fence and a good miter gauge at minimum. Blade guards and feather boards that hold wood and help to prevent kickbacks are becoming standard with newer models as well.

Other features to take into account

  • A larger motor will cut through hardwoods easier and allow you to cut thicker stock.
  • The poly-v drive belt design will create less vibration than either a V or wedge belt will.
  • When it comes to blade tilt, a left tilting blade will make the same cuts but will generate less kickback and binding during use.
  • A reasonable dust port will be preferred over a blade shroud when it comes to dust control.
  • Remember that a cast iron table is more stable and transfers less vibration than a table surface made from aluminum.
  • Finally, make sure that all table measurements are easy to read.

Top Five Hybrid Table Saw Reviews

Now that you know what considerations you need to make to choose a good hybrid saw, let’s actually take a look at some specific models that we believe are the very best on the market right now.

Shop Fox W1837 10″ 2 hp Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw

Ripping Through The Best Hybrid Table Saws in 2019 1


A built-in mobile base is the first control option that stands out here. The foot-activated system lifts the table off of the ground and onto the support of its wheels, a feature that will allow you to move this hybrid table saw by yourself.

  • This hybrid table saw provides a 3.25-inch deep cut when the 10-inch blade is set to 90-degrees to the table surface
  • It has a standard rip cut capacity of 30-inches maximum to the right of the blade and 15-inches maximum to the left of the blade
  • A riving knife that is interchangeable will offer protection on non-through cuts when the blade guard has been removed
  • The trunnions are cast iron and mounted inside of the cabinet, features that help to negate much of the table vibration
  • Users may want to double-check the lock on the fence to make sure that it is secure before making cuts
  • This product’s table may offer an uneven face and should be checked at the time of purchase

DELTA 36-715 Hybrid Intermediate Saw

Ripping Through The Best Hybrid Table Saws in 2019 2


This traditionally styled hybrid will offer a solid base with stability, thanks to its weight of 358-pounds as well as the cast iron table wings. Angled and straight cuts can be made safely with a secure blade that tilts left for miter cuts.

  • This hybrid comes at a low price point, something that may appeal to first-time buyers as well as those who are operating on a tight budget
  • An oversized emergency paddle located under the fence will easily shut down the saw in an emergency
  • A tapered surface inside of the cabinet helps to move debris and dust towards the collection port
  • This hybrid table saw uses a V-belt instead of a wedge belt to connect the motor to the saw, which helps to eliminate vibration
  • This model design has been around for a few years now and may seem a bit antiquated to those who are used to up-to-date options
  • Keep in mind that this hybrid table saw may be lacking in the quality control area as it is manufactured cheaply overseas

Grizzly G0771Z – 10″ 2 HP 120V Hybrid Table Saw – Best For The Money

Ripping Through The Best Hybrid Table Saws in 2019 3


A cast iron table that is precision grounded is the first thing you will notice with this table saw. That accurate surface should translate to accurate cuts. Both the fence, as well as the blade, also line up well on this model to provide you with straight cuts.

  • An easy glide fencing design allows the fence to glide smoothly, something that should allow you to line it up with one hand if needed
  • The blade guard and the riving knife are designed as quick-release components, allowing you to change them out quickly
  • This table saw also provides users with 16.75-inch maximum capacity rip cuts to the left of the blade
  • The metals used on this hybrid table saw seem to require more rust maintenance when compared to other table saw surfaces and its components will need more frequent oiling to prevent rust build up after operating it
  • Softer types of metal are used for the bull and worm gear that lifts the saw, which may become damaged more easily than a harder metal would

Shop Fox W1851 Hybrid Cabinet Table Saw with Extension Table

Ripping Through The Best Hybrid Table Saws in 2019 4


A standard two-year warranty covers this hybrid, which looks and functions in many ways like a traditional cabinet table saw would. That includes the motor configuration and power requirement to make that motor operate.

  • The high/low dual position fence face is made from extruded aluminum and should provide you with years of flat support to butt up against during operations
  • This hybrid table saw’s blade adjusts to 90-degrees easily and can be tilted up to 45-degrees for mitered cuts
  • It provides an insert for a standard cut as well as an insert for the times that you need to make dado cuts
  • This hybrid model is bulkier, as well as heavier, than other hybrid table saws and will be more difficult to move around the shop
  • Another characteristic that this hybrid shares with a cabinet saw models are a higher price tag when compared to other products listed here
  • This hybrid is wired for 220 volts and not standard household 120 volts, which will require the proper outlet or a conversion

LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion Table Saw

Ripping Through The Best Hybrid Table Saws in 2019 5


Laguna has provided a multitude of small features that provide safety for both you and the motor. These features include a thermal overload that resets, anti-backlash arbor adjustments, as well as the quick-set blade and kerf splitter guards.

  • A 1.75 HP motor that is wired to run on 120 volts is included with this model
  • This table saw uses a 5/8-inch arbor and will hold saw blades up to 10-inches, including a dado set of blades
  • It provides excellent dust collection through the blade/kerf shroud as well as its dustless cabinet design
  • There is a 0 to 45-degree range on the tilt of the arbor, offering you a wide range of mitered cuts
    Its instructions are clear and the table itself is easy to assemble in a short period of time
  • Its design quality and built-in features will cost you more upfront at the time of purchase
  • The materials used in construction are good, but they will struggle in settings where the table saw gets abused or overworked

Cutting It Down

These table saws offer you varying degrees of workability, depending upon the features you are looking for. For most beginning and intermediate woodworkers, I would recommend the DELTA 36-715 Hybrid Intermediate Saw as the best hybrid table saw they could go with.

Unlike the Shop Fox, the Delta provides the smaller footprint and lighter weight of a true hybrid, making it easier to move. It also comes at a bargain price when compared to the Laguna Tools table saw. The softer metals and uneven castings on the Grizzly and Shop Fox W1837 are not found on the Delta.

With a budget-friendly price tag and adequate features, the Delta hybrid table saw is a great option for those building up their shop tool collection. It provides straight cuts with an adjustable blade that locks securely. With a 30-inch right rip and 15-inch left, you will be able to tackle most projects.

Do you also need a good fence for your table saw? We have created a buyer’s guide to the best table saw fences. Also, continue reading about our picks for the finest table saws on the market.

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