The Best Table Saws You Can Buy For Under $1,000: Buyer’s Guide

If you don’t have the time to read the entire guide, we have selected DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-Inch Table Saw as our best table saw under 1000 dollars.

For many woodworkers, a quality table saw soon becomes an essential part of their workshop. Providing a stable surface and accurate cross, dado, and rip cuts are important and manufacturers charge more for products that include the best design features.

The question is: which product line provides the best table saw under 1000 dollars? Let’s take a look at what you want to look for and then apply those criteria to five models to determine which one will best fit your needs.

In this guide, we will be reviewing these products:

Table Saws In More Detail

This guide will help you select the best table saw for your $1,000.

Do you really need a table saw?

When I first started woodworking I used a circular saw for my projects. As those projects became more numerous and larger in size, my grandfather suggested that I try his table saw. I noticed the differences right away and can say that investing in a table saw is worth it.

The first thing you will notice is that a table saw will save you a lot of time. If your projects include wide boards or panels, the best table saws are far easier to set up than measuring and clamping a circular saw guide for each cut. You simply set the fence up once on a table saw and then make all of the necessary cuts.

While setting up the blades on a circular saw and a table saw is similar, you won’t have to worry about holding down the wood while cutting when it is placed on the table saw. The table itself helps to hold the material in place and allows you to slide the boards into the blade instead of running the saw across the wood.

You will also notice more uniform cuts when using a table saw. Even with the best circular saws, you need to measure each cut. A table saw allows you to set a cut once before running the lumber through as many times as you need.

Finally, I feel that using a table saw for wider pieces of wood is safer than making cuts with a circular saw. I don’t have to reach across the piece awkwardly and can concentrate more on the cut than I do on controlling the saw. It also allows me to use both hands to control the panel as I work.

Getting the most for your $1,000

One of the biggest considerations when purchasing a table saw should be the type of work area that you have. If your woodworking is done in restricted spaces, you might want to invest in a product that provides you with mobility. Contractor table saws often provide this and will allow you to move the saw out of the way to make room for other tools once you are done.

If you are fortunate enough to have the room, a more permanent table could be ideal. Cabinet and hybrid models can provide more stability and power than many construction saws are able to. You can also build your dust collection system around the saw’s position, which often makes for a more efficient system than using a single port for multiple power tools.

Keep in mind the size of your projects when shopping for a table saw as well. If you build larger pieces of furniture, you will want to take advantage of more powerful motors. The table and fence adjustments should match the projects you are working on.

Features You Need To Consider

One thing you need to consider is the type of power that the table saw requires. Many contractor table saws will use standard 110-volt outlets, while cabinet saws will need a 220-volt outlet to power their larger motors. Hybrids may provide you with the option to use either.

Table saw extensions are another consideration when selecting a model. More portable units often use lighter materials on the table wings or make use of webbed construction. Stationary units will come with heavier table extensions with solid cast iron construction throughout.

A table saw’s fence is an important feature to examine. You want to look for a fence that is easy to adjust, including small micro-adjustments to get the exact measurement you need. It should also remain parallel to the blade at all times in order to make straight cuts. Demanding woodworkers will often search for the best aftermarket rip fences for their table saw to replace their stock ones.

Dust collection is also worth considering. Table saws generate a lot of dust and debris, so adequate collection designs will help to keep sawdust from going everywhere you don’t want.

Motor size matters, so you will want to find the largest motor you can afford. This will allow you to cut through thicker material without bogging down and keep the RPMs up to optimal rotations.

Safety is important!

Table saws can be a safe tool to use if they are operated properly. Proper safety will include push sticks, allowing you to feed wood into the blade without placing your fingers too close. Best-quality table saws will include extra safety features like blade guards and emergency shut off buttons that are easy to reach. Before you start working on your table saw, make sure to read our article on how to use one.

Five Table Saws Worth Looking At

Now let’s take a look at 5 best table saw models that you can buy for less than 1,000 dollars

DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw (DWE7491RS)


This contractor style table saw provides you with decent power and rip width while allowing mobility. The table stand that is included is easy to set up and break down. It also provides stability for the table, even when cutting sheets of plywood.

  • The adjustable wings on the tabletop make use of a rack and pinion set up, allowing you to make accurate fence setups that can be done quickly
  • It offers a 32.5-inch rip capacity, which is a relatively large width on a portable table saw design
  • All power buttons and the crank adjustment knob are located on the font of the table saw and can be manipulated with just one hand
  • The table saw stand is an extra component that has to be added to the table saw and will require more work to set up the product before use
  • This unit comes at a higher price point when compared to other job site table saws and may lack some of the desired features found on cabinet saws in a similar range

Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Tablesaw


This portable job site table saw from Bosch provides plenty of power to cut through woods of all types. It uses a 115-amp motor that provides a maximum of four horsepower with no load on the blade. That translates to approximately 3,650 RPMs.

  • Unlike some portable models with multiple components, this product is rather easy to assemble and comes with clear directions that you can follow
  • The blade guard, riving knives, and anti-kickback components included with this table saw make the Smart Guard system a multi-faceted safety system
  • A larger electric motor provides you with more horsepower than most portable table saws will offer you and generates enough RPMs to make extremely smooth cuts with or against the grain
  • You may notice a bit of table vibration with this saw that can cause a bit of fatigue with continuous use as well as rougher cut lines
  • The collapsible table stand does stick out from the base more than the Dewalt and may pose a tripping hazard if care is not used

RIDGID R4512 – best Contractor Table Saw Under 1000


A stand out feature on this table saw is the ability to attach auxiliary pieces to it. It comes with built-in slots to attach extra equipment on, such as a router. The power button is actually mounted to the edge of the tap top instead of the saw’s cabinet for easy reach.

  • The cast-iron tabletop is solid and will help to reduce the transfer of vibrations during use and will provide you with a flat surface to work from
  • It has a surprisingly small profile on the body and the legs on the table do not stand out far from the table saw’s sides
  • This product can hold auxiliary power tools like routers as well as extensions for the tabletop itself
  • This table saw is a bit more difficult to assemble out of the box, in part due to its components for the auxiliary tools
  • While it has large portions of the body made from cast iron, it is not designed for heavy-duty use over extended periods of time

SKILSAW SPT99-11 10″ Heavy Duty Worm Drive Table Saw with Stand


This model makes use of a worm drive gear system, a component that generates more torque that can make the cross and rip cuts easier than non-worm gears. This will allow users to cut faster while still producing smooth edges.

  • The elbow on the dust port is designed to help collect larger debris in one place, making it easier to collect and dispose of materials picked up by the air-powered system
  • Mobility is increased due to larger wheels for rolling as well as handles that stand just below the table surface that makes rolling the table saw quick and simple
  • Extra support located on the left side of the table allows users to handle larger pieces than they could with a smaller profile
  • The table stand opens into a wide base that can get in the way when you are positioned at certain angles along the table saw
  • Larger wheels used on the stand are thin and can provide less stability than a shorter wheelbase might

Grizzly Industrial G0771Z – Best Hybrid Table Saw Under 1000


Please note that the price of this hybrid table saw can be a little bit above $1000 depending on when you check the price. As a hybrid table saw, this model can be powered with either 110 or 220-volt power. While it does have a cabinet-style body, the smaller motor allows this to be moved more easily than other hybrid designs.

  • This table saw comes with a four-inch dust port, providing plenty of widths to handle intense sawdust flows during cuts as well as room for larger chips and pieces without clogging
  • T-slots are located on both the left and right-hand sides of the blade, allowing you to select where you want to place your miter gauge for a variety of cuts
  • A quick-release design on the blade guard and riving knife allow you to quickly attach or remove these components during set up
  • It includes a two horsepower motor, a bit underwhelming for a hybrid table saw at this price point
  • The design of the cabinet body and tabletop surface does take up more room than the construction site models reviewed here, making it an option for shops with room to dedicate a space to it

Wrapping up

So, which product makes the cut here? I feel the DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-Inch Table Saw is the best table saw under 1000 dollars. The table saw stand that is included in this bundle makes it far more mobile than the Grizzly or Rigid units. That can be a factor for those who have limited space or work in their garage.

It has the ability to make rip cuts up to 32.5-inches in width, a range that is greater than many of the table saws on this list. That added width might be critical as you make cuts on panels and plywood.

The table uses a rack and pinion style gearing for the extensions that allow you to make accurate adjustments with a minimal amount of effort. You won’t have to fidget with the fence to get it where it needs to be.

Keep in mind that Dewalt also provides excellent support and warranty on their products.

More budget table saw options:

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