5 Of The Best Table Saws Under $500: Buyer’s Guide

Best table saw under 500

In a hurry? Our nomination for the best table saw under 500 dollars goes to DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Table Saw With DW7440RS Rolling Stand.

Many who pick up the hobby of woodworking soon realize how important it is to have a good table saw. Nothing will help you make a clean crosscut or a dado cut like a table saw will. For most people, as with any other power tool purchase, the budget is one of the main concerns. How do you choose the best table saw under 500 dollars? This buyer’s guide will answer that very question.

In this article, we will review these products:

Read on to find out why these specific table saw models strike the best balance between quality and price.

How To Get The Most For Your $500

There are many factors that will influence your decision when choosing a table saw. Now, you won’t get a top-notch table saw for less than $500, but you can still get a solid one as long as you make sure your table saw includes these attributes:

Basic Safety Features

This should come as no surprise, but safety should be your #1 priority when operating a machine that can cause fatal injuries. Make sure your table saw comes with basic anti-kickback safety features like a riving knife and a blade guard. Also, check if it comes with a blade guard which will protect your hands from contact with the blade.

The safety stop button on any good table saw needs to be conveniently placed so that you can kill the switch in emergency situations. Take the time to read the manufacturer’s instructions before operating a table saw. While it may sound like a tedious task, manuals often contain useful information about the specific table saw models.

The Blade

With a budget of 500 dollars, you will mostly be using at table saw blades that are 10 inches in diameter. This is completely fine for a small home workshop as larger 12-inch blades are mostly used in industrial settings. Generally, I suggest avoiding blades that are less than 10 inches. You will not be able to rip through thick stock as these blades are designed for specialty cuts.

There are a lot of different blades to choose from. Some blades are specifically designed for cross or rip cuts. Personally, I just stick to using a general-purpose blade that allows me to make all kinds of clean cuts. Cheaper table saw models normally pack less power so it would be wise to use a blade with a thinner body. Thinner blades will provide less drag and smoother edges as they move through the wood.


Do you plan to move your table saw around a lot? If so, consider buying a table saw with a mobile base. A mobile base is handy for contractors who spend most of their time working in different locations.

If you are a weekend hobbyist, chances are you have set up your small workshop in a garage. Portability will come in handy if you need to park your car back in the garage.

Personally, we don’t have a lot of space in our community workshop so we have basically all of our power tools on DIY mobile stands so that we can move our largest power tools in and out. You can either buy a portable table saw and build a DIY stand for it or you can opt for a saw with a mobile base.


Unfortunately, with a budget of $500, you won’t be able to find a table saw with a sturdy, cast-iron tabletop. Your choice will be limited to table saws with aluminum tops that provide less stability and transfer more vibration than a heavy cast-iron tabletop. On the upside, an aluminum top makes the table saw lighter and easier to push or carry around. As you will see, some of the table saws we will be reviewing are so lightweight that you can pick them up and carry with just one hand.


A good table saw fence is a must as it acts as a support for your stock as you push it through the blade. A miter gauge will allow you to make angled cuts on your stock. It is nice to have these accessories included in your package so that you don’t have to spend time shopping for them separately. It is worth noting that factory fences are usually low quality and you might want to opt for an aftermarket table saw fence if you build more advanced projects, provided that the replacement fence will fit the table saw of your choice.

Table saws generate a lot of dust, which can cause a lot of trouble for your health when inhaled. Best table saws are equipped with highly effective dust collection system to eliminate any airborne debris. Unfortunately, with a budget of $500, you really have to manage your expectations with regards to dust collection. Thankfully, you can connect a vacuum to your dust port which should vastly improve the collection of dust and debris.

Rip capacity

Rip capacity refers to the maximum distance the rip fence can move to the right side of the blade. If you plan on working with large sheets of plywood or MDF, it would be best to buy a table with at least 24 inches of rip capacity. For standard 2×4’s, less than 24 inches of rip capacity should be enough.

Best Table Saws Under 500 Dollars

Now let’s talk about specific table saw models which will give you the most bang for your half a grand.

DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Table Saw With DW7440RS Rolling Stand


DEWALT has a solid reputation amongst amateurs and professionals alike. They are known for producing excellent quality tools and the DW745 table saw is no exception. The saw itself weighs only 45 pounds which just by itself can be easily carried around with 1 hand. The will let you keep it firmly on the ground and move it someplace else without much hassle.

What stands out in this 10-inch table saw are the telescopic fence rails. Even when fully extended, the rip fence can be easily adjusted thanks to convenient rack and pinion style railing. It’s 3HP, 15 AMP motor will allow you to cut hardwoods without much hassle, which is rare for such a small saw.

This table saw is equipped with a durable steel roll cage which should be able to take a lot of beating if you drop the saw by accident. Another nice thing about this saw is that DEWALT provides its customers with a lot of consumer confidence with a one-year free service contract, a 3-year warranty, and a 90-day refund guarantee.

  • A rolling saw stand is included in the package
  • Powerful motor
  • Lightweight
  • Good warranty terms
  • Rip fence extends to 20 inches only
  • A lot of adjustments to get a handle on
  • Does not support dado blades

Bosch GTS1031 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw


If you put your table saw under the risk of serious beating, you will appreciate the body of GTS1031 as it is made out of steel. The steel framing also gives this saw weight which translates into more stability and better vibration absorption. It weighs around 58 pounds, which is light enough for most people to carry around

Still, this table saw is designed to be easily moved from job site to job site. Weekend hobbyists who work in small spaces will appreciate its compact dimensions. Bosch GTS1031 allows getting accurate cuts thanks to the self-aligning design of the fence. It is easy to control all the levers and knobs from the front of the tool with just one hand.

  • Steel base designed to withstand heavy beating
  • Convenient tool storage under table store
  • Easy access to adjustment levers and knobs
  • Supports dado blades
  • The warranty period lasts for only 1 year
  • Does not include a stand

SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10 Inch Worm Drive Table Saw


This table saws motor is powered by worm drive technology which delivers more torque and preserves its lifespan. The 15 amp motor generates as much as 5,300 RPMs without load, which means that you can use blades with wider kerfs.

The design of this saw, along with the extra 40% copper surface area lets the motor run for longer and keep it cooler, which is great if you run long cutting sessions at a time. Operating this saw should be pretty straightforward even for complete beginners as it is equipped with large buttons, easy to read numbers, and other buyers have praised its ease of adjustment.

  • Lightweight, but highly resistant to vibration
  • Worm-drive motor technology
  • Very powerful for a portable table saw
  • Does not include a saw stand
  • The factory fence just isn’t that good

SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand


Next on our list of the best table saws under $500 is SKIL 3410-02. Unlike table saw models from other power tool brands, this table saw offers great versatility at a much lower price point.

The adjustment knobs and levers are comfortably located to easily manipulate the saw and its components. If you value portability, you will be happy to know that the body of this table saw is made out of light aluminum components. This could be an issue for users who need their saw to be able to withstand a lot of beating, though.

At a price point this low, it is nice that SKIL has equipped this table saw with a foldable stand that is made out of steel tubing. While the base does not include wheels, it can still be carried around with ease even with the stand collapsed. It should be noted that the connection points on the foldable stand may prove to be a structural weak point. This should be taken into consideration if you plan to put your saw under a lot of pressure.

SKIL 3410-02 is probably the best option for undemanding use by DIY hobbyists.

  • Great value for money
  • Easy to operate for beginners
  • Easy to carry around
  • Miter gauge included in the kit
  • Foldable stand
  • The foldable stand does not have wheels
  • Aluminum structure and thin legs do not provide the most stable work surface

Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw With Laser


Last but not least on our list is the Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw. One thing worth noting about this saw is that it provides the deepest possible cuts for its class of table saws. Rockwell RK7241S will enable you to easily cut 4×4’s with a single cut.

Another interesting feature of this saw is the LaserGuide cut precision system which is designed to improve the accuracy of the blade’s positioning. The fence on this saw can fold out and provide up to 30 inches of rip capacity for extra wide cuts. I think this is great for a job site saw under $500.

While it is nice that the manufacturer has included a stand to this table saw, it doesn’t look sturdy enough to endure serious beating and withstand a lot of vibration. The legs can be folded quickly and there are wheels on the left side of the saw for easy transport.

  • LaserGuide allows to accurately adjust the saw
  • 30 inches of maximum rip capacity
  • Foldable stand and wheels for easy transportation
  • This model includes a dust bag
  • Collapsible legs may become wobbly with time
  • Dust collection bag does not work very effectively

The Final Cut

Every one of the products discussed below provides it’s own unique advantages and shortcomings. Still, out of the five products discussed in this article, I strongly believe that DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Table Saw With DW7440RS Rolling Stand is the best table saw under 500 on the market out there.

DEWALT certainly over-delivers in terms of quality, features, and the attitude towards their customers. Power, portability, build quality and warranty conditions are the factors that make this saw the best option for your 500 dollars.

What do you think? Do you agree with this list? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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