Best Miter Saw Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals (2023)

Miter saw Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales give you a chance to equip your shop with the best tools without overspending, as manufacturers and distributors compete for your Holiday dollars.

The sales offered this year on the miter saw power tools are an opportunity to snag a great deal on some of the best miter saw models offered by top-tier brands like DEWALT, Bosch, Makita, Skil, and more.

Keep reading to compare some of the best miter saws on sale this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Best Miter Saw Black Friday Deals

DeWALT Miter Saw Black Friday Deals:

DeWALT DWS779 12-Inch Miter Saw


The DWS779 stands about 17-inches tall and extends 24.75-inches in length, allowing it to operate on benchtops and tailgates. It weighs in at 56 pounds due to the durable materials it is made from, so it is not as light as other miter saws with similar dimensions. You should find it easy to set up at the job site or in your shop without taking up excessive room.

DeWALT uses a 15-amp electric motor, a standard minimum for powering a 12-inch circular saw blade. The 3,800 RPMs under no-load is faster than some models, cutting into harder wood grains a bit easier with less chance of leaving burn marks on softwoods.

It has bevel angles from 0 to 48-degrees and is a double-bevel sliding compound design. A tall fence supports material 6.75-inches in height, and the miter saw cuts 2×10 boards at 45-degrees and 2×14 lumber at 90-degrees.

Stand-out feature
What sets the DWS779 apart is its ability to adjust for almost any cut you need. Left and right bevel adjustments past 45-degrees, full-ranged miter cuts, and lots of fence support make it easy for beginners and pros alike to use.

DeWALT DWS715 12-Inch Miter Saw


The tool height of 15-inches and length of 22-inches makes this a more compact option for anyone needing room that the other DeWALT entry does not offer. It only weighs 36 pounds as well, so it will be easier to move locations at work or in the smaller home woodshop than the DWS779 is.

A familiar 15 amp electric motor rotates 12-inch circular saw blades up to 4,000 RPMs with no resistance. That is a reasonable speed on the saw blade and cuts across grains quickly.

The tool performs only single-bevel cuts, but it does provide a range from 0 to 48-degrees to the left of the blade. There are 14 positive stops on the miter’s detent plate, making adjustments fast. Its fence offers support for material up to 5.5-inches vertically, and it can cut 2×6 timber at 45-degrees and 2×8 wood at 90-degrees.

Stand-out feature
A 15-inch working height on any miter saw with this durability and function has to draw your attention. If you work in a shared space, small vehicle, or shop with little to no room, you can appreciate why shorter can be better.

Bosch Miter Saw Black Friday Deal: Bosch GCM12SD


The GCM12SD stands proud at 27-inches and covers 32.375-inches of table length. It comes in at 65 pounds, making this miter saw more bulky and heavy than a few of the others reviewed here. Small shops will need to be creative when making space for it, but it should still be fine on most job sites.

A 15-amp motor drives the 12-inch blade on this dual-bevel sliding miter saw, using an electric brake for fast shutdowns. The slide movement uses a patented axial glide system with max bevel angles of 47-degrees left and right. It has a good cutting capacity of 4×14 lumber at 90-degrees and 2×14 at 45-degrees.

The ability to support six-inch crown molding with the fence makes it useful for many DIY projects. Add the dust protection and you have a hobby-friendly saw that keeps things clean during a multitude of cuts.

Stand-out feature
Bosch put a lot of thought into the dust collections system, as shown in the miter saw’s 95-percent rated efficiency. The accessories provide several user options for a system designed to collect debris from cutting 2x lumber, a standard for hobbyists.

Makita Miter Saw Black Friday Deal: Makita LS1019L


The LS1019L stands 26-inches off the table and covers 31.75-inches in length across it. It has a net weight of just under 58 pounds (57.9). That makes it a little bulky, but the design allows this dual-bevel sliding compound miter saw to sit against the wall without affecting its performance.

Like other products we are looking at, Makita uses a 15-amp electric motor. It might feel like an increase, however, driving a 10-inch saw blade using direct drive. Under no-load conditions, this miter saw generates up to 3,200 RPMs, which I prefer seeing on a miter saw over much higher rotation speeds.

Single-pass cuts can sever 2×12 at 90-degrees or 2×8.5 at 45-degrees. The fence can support crown molding over 6.5-inches in height (nestled), a size that often requires a 12-inch circular saw blade.

Stand-out feature
Makita’s 15-amp electric motor stands out with a combination of direct drive, soft start, and computerized control. A direct drive means fewer moving parts, and the soft-start protects what components it does have as you continuously start and stop the electric motor. Control circuitry keeps the motor running consistently, protecting it and producing clean cutting edges.

Metabo HPT Miter Saw Black Friday Deal: Metabo HPT C10FCGS


Standing at 21.5-inches in height and covering 18.5-inches of table length, the C10FCGS is a redesigned single-bevel compound miter saw from the former Hitachi tool line (as evidenced by the brand’s green coloring). Its base length might suggest a small footprint if not for the base depth of 23-inches.

A 15-amp induction motor provides plenty of power to the 10-inch circular saw blade, generating up to 5,000 RPMs without resistance. That is the max speed I would recommend for a miter saw blade, but it should cut most framing lumber without leaving burn marks or chipping.

It provides 52-degrees of miter angle to the left and right, with a left side bevel range from 0 to 45-degrees. At 90-degrees, you can cut 2×4 lumber with a single pass of the saw blade.

Stand-out feature
All woodworkers are different, and some can struggle when moving heavier power tools around their workshop or between job sites. The feature that grabs my attention with this miter saw is the weight of 24.2 pounds. That makes it easier to store in areas that are harder to reach or shift around in your work vehicle.

Skil Miter Saw Black Friday Deal: Skil MS6305-00


The Skil miter saw ships at 22.44-inches L x 35.43-inches W x 14.17-inches H and weighing 39.4 pounds. It builds into a medium-sized dual-beveled sliding miter saw, with nothing standing out within its housing design.

As a sister subsidiary with DeWALT, the 15-amp electric motor shares a similar focus on durability. That is important on a power tool designed to be turned on and off in quick succession for extended periods throughout the day. Its no-load speed of 4,800 RPMs is fast enough for cross-cutting most types of wood, including the typical softwoods used for framing lumber that hobbyists use.

You can cut 2×12 timber in one pass at 90-degrees and 2×8 lumber at 45-degrees. The maximum bevel angle to the left is 48-degrees (three degrees more than the right), and it adjusts to 50-degrees on both sides for miter angles. Fence support allows the 10-inch saw blade to cut through 6.25-inch crown molding.

Stand-out feature
I like the “creature” comforts that this miter saw provides to users, especially those with limited experience with this type of power tool. Adjustments are easy to make, the handle is ergonomic and comfortable, and the LED shadow line helps users make cuts quickly without sacrificing their accuracy.

Milwaukee Miter Saw Black Friday Deal: Milwaukee 2733-20


The 2733-20 ships to you at 24.8-inches L x 16.14-inches W x 25-inches tall. Its weight, with battery installed, is only 28 pounds. Those looking to go cordless at home or on the job will appreciate capabilities found in the smaller footprint of this dual-bevel sliding compound miter saw.

Its brushless motor runs cooler and more efficiently, with fewer parts to break down. The 18-volts that power it is sufficient for the workloads it is used for, and the battery pack can produce up to 5,000 RPMs under no-load. A fully charged battery will make up to 600 cross-cuts, equating to a full day’s work on-site or several sessions in the home shop.

You will get through a 2×8 piece of timber in one pass at 90-degrees with fence support for nestled crown molding up to 3.625-inches. The bevel capacity on both sides of the blade reaches to 48-degrees, which will suffice for most projects you build.

Stand-out feature
When it comes to cordless products, the consistency and longevity of the battery pack dictate the tool’s performance. The M18 Fuel platform delivers, providing 600 cuts per charge. That is more than enough for a hobbyist, and it will also suffice for a day on the job site.

Craftsman Miter Saw Black Friday Deal: Craftsman CMCS714M1


A tool height of 12-inches and length of 21.25-inches makes this Craftsmansliding miter saw compact. Its 21-pound weight makes it light enough to carry everywhere without wearing you down.

The 7.25-inch circular saw blade is powered by a 20V MAX battery, offering 18-volt performance with a higher potential charge capacity. You can get up to 3,800 RPMs under no-load, which is plenty of speed for crosscuts.

A vertical capacity of 3.625-inches on crown molding is possible, and you can cut dimensional lumber up to 8-inches in width with this saw (5.5-inches at 45-degrees). On average, the battery pack will provide up to 585 cuts per charge.

Stand-out feature
It is necessary for many of you, especially those buying their first cordless power tool, to have everything you need from the start. A kit like this provides that, including the CMCB104 V20 20V MAX* Lithium Ion Fast Charger and the CMCB204 V20 20V MAX* 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery. What I like even more here is the four amp-hour pack Craftsman includes, instead of the two amp-hour battery that you often see in kits.

Kobalt Miter Saw Black Friday Deal: Kobalt SM1816LW


The single-bevel compound sliding miter saw from Kobalt ships at 23.5-inches L x 22-inches W x 18.5-inches in height and weighing 23 pounds. Assembly is simple, and the 7.25-inch miter saw has a minimal footprint that is easy to carry around.

Its electric motor rates at only 10-amps, but that should still cut smoothly through most wood grains (bogging only in thick pieces of dense wood fibers). No-load speeds reach 5,000 RPMs, but the actual blade speed when cutting will be much lower.

While it is compact, this miter saw can cut 2×6 at 45-degrees and 2×8 at 90-degrees. It adjusts for 50-degree miters on the left and right and a bevel range that reaches 47-degrees to the left.

Stand-out feature
One area that seems to be hit or miss with power tools is instructions. Kobalt not only provides users with standard specs in the user’s manual, but the company also takes the time to detail procedures like blade changes and laser guide alignment. These are ideal for first-timers, and I also found entries like “Mounting Instructions” containing extras that went above a standard operator’s manual.

Ryobi Miter Saw Black Friday Deal: Ryobi P551


The P551 ships to you at 20.3-inches L x 13.5-inches W x 12-inches tall, weighing 21.4 pounds. It comes as a tool-only product that will fit just about anywhere while taking up minimal room.

Its DC electric motor uses Ryobi’s 18V ONE+ battery platform (sharing battery designs with over 200 other cordless tools). The Lithium-Ion battery pack generates up to 4,500 RPMs, a speed that the 7.25-inch circular saw blade can maintain in softwoods. Dense wood grains will slow the rotational speed down, but they should not bog unless you cut oversized lumber.

The blade length sticks out about four inches, enough to cut through 2x lumber (1.5-inches thick). Cutting capacities at 90-degrees are 4.5-inches with a 0-degree bevel angle and 3.5-inches with a 45-degree bevel angle. Adding a 45-degree miter drops the maximum board width down to three inches.

Stand-out feature
Sometimes, simple and small wins the day. The stand-out feature for the P551 is the ease of use it offers. A simple design gets work done without extravagant adjustment features, an ideal layout for production shops, DIY molding projects, and hobbyists working with smaller lumber.

Ridgid Miter Saw Black Friday Deal: RIDGID R4222


While the product ships at an average dimension of 28-inches L x 23-inches W x 21-inches tall, you will note the weight of 89.8 pounds. The dual-bevel sliding miter saw is not the easiest to move around your shop or job site without a second pair of hands or a rolling stand.

It uses a standard 15-amp induction motor to power the 12-inch circular saw blade with a maximum of 4,000 RPMs with no resistance on the saw blade. It should maintain that speed without a noticeable drop except in dense wood near thickness capacity.

An LED cut line guidelines your wood up for miter cuts that go from 0 to 70-degrees, which is a bigger range than most miter saws offer on today’s market. The 45-degree bevel angles are standard, and you can cut a maximum thickness of four inches of wood. Capacity specs include 2×12 or 4×6 at 45-degrees and 2×16 or 4×6 at 90-degrees.

Stand-out feature
Miter angles are important, especially in DIY projects and framing. The 70-degree miter angle adjustment stands out on this miter saw, something that carpenters and home DIYers can take full advantage of on several types of cuts.

Finding Your Way to a Better Crosscut

I selected these miter saws as each one offered something different. I intend to provide you with a Black Friday deal on a tool you can and want to use.

Finding your next shop addition is just a click away. Use the affiliate links for further research. They save you the same amount of money on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, but with the bonus of helping me continue to bring you insight on tools for our woodworking hobby!

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