SKILSAW SPT99-11 Table Saw Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Skilsaw SPT99-11 Review

Table saws are some of the most important tools found in virtually every workshop, but the sheer number of them can make figuring out which is the best a difficult task. That is why this SKILSAW table saw review breaks down the SKILSAW SPT99-11 Table Saw, examining what is good about it and who it is best for.

Presenting the SKILSAW SPT99-11

SKILSAW SPT99-11 10" Heavy Duty Worm Drive Table Saw with...
  • Legendary worm drive gearing with 3-5/8 inch depth of cut and 30-1/2 inch rip capacity
  • Precision rack and pinion fence system makes fence adjustments quickly and smoothly for accurate cuts
  • Rugged rolling stand with 16 inch Wheels and easy-load handles delivers unsurpassed mobility


The SKILSAW SPT99-11 Table Saw is a professional-grade portable job site table saw from a company working its way into the professional-grade power tool market. Thankfully, this table saw is an excellent entry into that market, though the price reflects this– something long-time SKILSAW users might not appreciate.

That said, you get more than your money’s worth with the SKILSAW SPT99-11 Table Saw, not the least of which because the included rolling stand. This table saw also comes with a solid rack and pinion fence system and miter gauge as well as a number of minor accessories like a dust elbow and push stick.

In terms of the target consumer, the SKILSAW SPT99-11 Table Saw works well for a wide range of people in construction from hobbyists to professional contractors. Professional contractors, in particular, will appreciate this table saw’s portability as well as its excellent cutting power for its class.

On the other hand, the SKILSAW SPT99-11 Table Saw is less than an ideal option for master woodworkers unless they just want a table saw for making rough cuts– in which case this model is overpriced for that singular purpose.

The main issue with this table saw for skilled woodworkers is its lack of accuracy and precision– but that is only compared to a cabinet table saw which is the tool that group should use to achieve the high degree of accuracy and precision their projects demand.


  • Comes with a powerful 4 ⅖ hp, 15A motor
  • Employs a high-torque worm drive
  • Spins at a blistering 5000 rpms
  • Has a 3 ⅝” maximum cutting depth
  • Transports easily with a solid cart


  • Not the easiest to assemble
  • Requires delicateness when adjusting
  • Not the most accurate or precise

SKILSAW SPT99-11 Review: Features & Benefits

Cutting Power

The cutting power of the SKILSAW SPT99-11 Table Saw is easily on par with any of its competitors and outclasses many options that might surprise aficionados. To begin with, this table saw comes with an impressively powerful motor that generates 4 ⅖ hp and pushes an industry-average 15 amps for plenty of cutting power under load.

However, you may not even need to worry about that as the SKILSAW SPT99-11 Table Saw’s motor operates a worm drive which produces far more torque than a sidewinder or belt-driven system. As if that were not enough, this table saw will also cut through the densest hardwoods without burning the cut face thanks to a lightning-fast 5000 rpm blade speed.

Accuracy & Precision

The accuracy and precision of the SKILSAW SPT99-11 Table Saw should be understood as a relative metric confined to its class of table saw. When you compare this table saw’s accuracy and precision to other job site table saws, it is still fairly good– thanks in part to a solid rack and pinion fence system.

Another reason the SKILSAW SPT99-11 Table Saw can maintain good accuracy for its class is the use of steel for the table, rather than aluminum. Finally, this table saw’s included stand provides a better base than most that is wider and offers more points of contact with the ground than some of the alternatives.

Cutting Capacities

While the SKILSAW SPT99-11 Table Saw does not blow most of the competition out of the water in this respect as it does for other specs, it still meets or exceeds class standards. For the maximum rip cut, this table saw allows for a reasonable 30 ½” which is about what you expect for a job site table saw.

However, the SKILSAW SPT99-11 Table Saw really shines with its maximum cutting depth that sinks a stellar 3 ⅝” into the workpiece which is more than ⅛” more than the industry average. As if that were not enough, this table saw also boasts a maximum rip capacity of 16 ½” to the left of the blade– more than 33% bigger than the industry average.

Portability & Versatility

If the cutting power and capacities did not sell you on the SKILSAW SPT99-11 Table Saw, the portability most certainly will– especially if you are a professional contractor. Outside of maybe the Bosch Gravity-Rise System, no other table saw on the market includes a better stand.

As already mentioned, this stand tends to be more stable than most, but that stability applies whether using the stand to cut or transport the SKILSAW from job site to job site. The main benefit this table saw’s stand affords to portability is its large 16” wheels which make moving it over unease ground easier than even Bosch’s stand.


While the cons noted “accuracy and precision,” it is worth reminding you that the SKILSAW SPT99-11 Table Saw is still fairly accurate and precise– especially when compared to other table saws of its type. That said, there are still a couple of areas where this table saw could be better, though they do not impact its performance.

To begin with, the assembly of the SKILSAW SPT99-11 Table Saw can be a bit tricky if you are not already familiar with assembling power tools or mechanically inclined as the included documentation is subpar. Also, the various components used to adjust this table saw are made out of plastic and need to be handled with care to avoid breaking them.

What are other buyers saying?

One buyer was very happy about the fact that this saw is very well aligned out of the box:

Here’s what another buyer said: “You won’t go wrong with this saw.”

Here’s a review from another happy buyer who liked how durable it is:


Alternatives you may consider

1. Metabo HPT C10RJS Jobsite Table Saw

Metabo HPT - C10RJSM Jobsite Table Saw, 10-Inch Carbide...
  • TABLE SAW: 10-Inch Table Saw with Stand
  • INCLUDES: Table saw, 10-Inch 40-Tooth Carbide Tipped Blade, Blade Guard, Push Stick, Wrenches, Kickback, Rip Fence and Miter Gauge Assemblies, Outfeed Support
  • MOTOR: Powerful 15 Amp motor with 4,500 RPM for tackling the toughest cutting applications.Table Material:Aluminum


The Metabo HPT C10RJS Jobsite Table Saw jumps off of the page first by coming in at a reasonable price without sacrificing any obvious specs. However, there is a reason that this table saw is less expensive and it comes down to the type of drive the motor pushes to spin the blade.

As mentioned prior, the SKILSAW SPT99-11 Table Saw generates a surprising amount of power compared to some of the competition due to its use of a worm drive over a sidewinder drive. That said, the Metabo HPT C10RJS Jobsite Table Saw’s sidewinder drive is only part of what makes the SKILSAW a superior option.

2. BOSCH Worksite Table Saw 4100XC-10

BOSCH 10 In. Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Wheeled...
  • Powerful table saw – has 15-Amp saw with 4. 0 max HP and 3, 650 rpm, for rip-cutting and cross-cutting of fine and rough materials
  • Dimensions: 32.5" D x 27" L x 13" H | Product Weight: 94 lb
  • Saves space: Large cast aluminum top provides increased work space and material support with a 25 inch. Ripping capacity to cover all typical job site rip cutting widths


In terms of alternatives, the BOSCH Worksite Table Saw 4100XC-10 is the first entry that actually gives the SKILSAW SPT99-11 Table Saw a run for its money. Part of this is that this table saw has a slightly more reasonable price which is even more surprising given Bosch’s reputation.

On top of that, the BOSCH Worksite Table Saw 4100XC-10 employs a worm drive to provide it a bit more torque when cutting into dense hardwoods. That said, this table runs the risk of burning the cut face a bit more for the densest hardwoods due to its market-average blade speed of 3,650 rpms.

3. DEWALT DWE7491RS Table Saw

DEWALT (DWE7491RS) 10-Inch Table Saw, 32-1/2-Inch Rip...
  • Your purchase includes One Dewalt Table Saw, 10" 24-Tooth Carbide Blade, Rolling Stand, Push Stick, Miter Gauge, Rip Fence, 2x Blade Wrenches, Blade Guard Assembly manual + DEWALT DW3219PT 10-Inch 80T...
  • Item dimensions - 31" H x 24.5" W x 31" L
  • Other Specs: Max Rip to Left of Blade – 22” | Max Rip to Right of Blade – 32-1/2” | Max Width of Dado – 13/16” | Arbor Size – 5/8” | Amps – 15 | Depth of cut at 45° – 2-1/4” |...


The final alternative included is the DEWALT DWE7491RS Table Saw which hits the mark by including a worm drive but does not necessarily surpass the SKILSAW SPT99-11 Table Saw in any other meaningful way. That said, this table saw comes closer to matching the SKILSAW in terms of raw specs.

Unfortunately, the DEWALT DWE7491RS Table Saw comes in at about the same price as the SKILSAW without offering anything better for performance. On top of that, the SKILSAW easily outclasses the DEWALT DWE7491RS Table Saw in terms of the included rolling stand which is a big part of the cost of any of the alternatives.

Wrapping Up This Review

In the end, this SKILSAW Table Saw Review is a bit surprising in a couple of respects from the fact that the product is priced out of the mid-tier to the fact that it performs better than mid-tier products. For instance, there are few table saws on the market that combine the drive, motor power, and blade speed the way the SKILSAW SPT99-11 Table Saw does.

To make things better, this table saw also comes with an excellent stand and offers a better maximum cut depth than most– just be sure to be gentle when adjusting it. For more information, visit Amazon where you can purchase the SKILSAW SPT99-11 Table Saw now and reap the benefits of this great table saw.

Figured that this is not the right table saw for your needs? Make sure to also out this review of the best table saws in 2021.

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