Arthur K

Hi! My name is Arthur, and I am the founder and editor of WoodsmithSpirit.com. I created this site to provide helpful woodworking advice and unbiased reviews of power tools.

I was introduced to woodworking by my late grandfather who owned a small woodworking shop in his barn. I was 11 years old when I first picked up my grandfather’s Stanley No. 5-½ plane and started smoothing a slab of oak that would ultimately become a tabletop.

Crooked lumber

Working with only hand tools is fun enough. But, I soon realized that having some basic power tools could make my hobby way more enjoyable. A circular saw was one of the first serious power tool purchases I decided to make. A random orbital sander from Makita and a benchtop table saw followed soon after that.

Choosing the best tools proved to be rather challenging, considering how many different brands and options there are in today’s marketplace.

Personally, if I am paying for something, I want to be dead sure that I’m not being ripped off. I sifted through hundreds of power tool reviews on Amazon, took part in many online discussions, and read dozens of product reviews online to find tools that offer the best balance of price and quality.

I personally found that most of the power tool reviews online are written by people who hide behind fake personas and pretend to be experts. Their reviews are usually biased towards promoting the most expensive products. I realized there was a niche for honest reviews of woodworking tools. That’s when the idea of creating this site was born.

How I create content

I don’t pretend to be an expert. But, I spend multiple hours researching every single product that goes into my buying guides

I always try to get direct access to the items discussed in the reviews. This is not always possible. Sometimes we have to rely on in-depth feedback from actual owners and verified buyers of these items. I also try to get more information about the reviewed items from local stores.

All of the articles on this site are either written or planned and curated by me. I do sometimes use the help of freelance writers, but nothing goes online without my review and approval. I do my best to maintain a high level of quality and accuracy in all articles.

Please note that I am not sponsored by any brands. I want to make sure that all the information on this blog is unbiased and tailored to help you make your own informed buying decisions.

Why follow us?

You will enjoy this blog if:

  • You are a just starting out and you want to improve your woodworking knowledge and skills
  • You want to feel comfortable building projects knowing that the information you find here is accurate
  • You want to learn about tools from actual customer experience and verified buyer feedback and not commercial sales pages or biased, sponsored reviews.
If the above statements resonate with you then welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy the information on this blog. You can start here. I also occasionally write for WoodworkingNetwork.com so make sure to also check out my writing there.

The Team

Shailpik Biswas

Shailpik Biswas

Hi, my name is Shailpik, and I am a woodworker and multidisciplinary artist. I enjoy learning new skills while writing about them.

My earliest memory of woodworking was helping my grandfather fix things around a house. My duties included chatting and fiddling with his tools. He taught me how to angle, how to drill, and how to solder. I don’t eat fish anymore but here I am decades later, working with my drills and soldering iron.

In 2014, I had a design in my head that simply wouldn’t go away. This is always a good sign. I got a few basic tools together and started building.

Years later, I’m still building. I find myself at the crossroads of woodcarving and light design. It’s getting more exciting every day and I see no end anywhere on the horizon.

On this website, I get into the art of carving and working wood into all things fantastic.