Hi! My name is Arthur, and I am the founder and editor at Woodsmith Spirit. I was introduced to woodworking by my late grandfather who owned a small woodworking shop in his shed. I was 11 years old when I first picked up my grandfather’s Stanley No. 4 and started smoothing a slab of oak that would ultimately become a tabletop.

After years of studying and working abroad, I returned to my hometown and found all of the hand tools my grandfather had collected in his time. This reignited my interest in woodworking.

Crooked lumber

“How to set up a woodworking shop in the garage” – this was the search phrase that got the ball rolling for me. Naturally, a well-equipped workshop is necessary if you want to start building projects out of wood. Personally, I came to the conclusion that with the amount of free space that I have, setting up my own woodshop would be too bothersome. Luckily, another Google search uncovered multiple community woodworking workshops in my area.

While only working with hand tools is fun enough, I have soon came to realize that having heavy-duty power tools at your disposal can make woodworking much more enjoyable and efficient.

As our community shop started growing, we have decided to equip it with more advanced tools. We bought a hybrid table saw, a drum sander, dual-bevel miter saw, and a jointer. I was assigned with the task of researching and finding the best tools for our needs and our budget.

After researching dozens of different tools, I thought to myself: why don’t I put my countless hours of research to productive use?

My goal is to help you become better at woodworking.

How we create content

With woodworking, as with any other skill, it is important to continue learning new things. I believe that there is no better way to digest new information than to create content based on what you have learned yourself.

All of the articles on this site are either created or planned and curated by me. I do sometimes use the help of freelance writers, but nothing goes online without my approval. We do our best to maintain a high level of quality and accuracy in all articles.

We try to get direct access to the items discussed in our articles. This is not always possible. Sometimes we have to rely on in-depth feedback from actual owners and verified buyers of these items. At times, I try to get more information about the reviewed items from local stores.

Please note that I am not sponsored by any brands. I want to make sure that all the information on this blog is unbiased and tailored to help you make your own informed decision.

Why follow us?

You will enjoy this blog if:

  • You are a just starting out and you want to improve your woodworking knowledge and skills
  • You want to feel comfortable building your projects knowing that the information you find here is accurate
  • You want to learn about tools from actual customer experience and verified buyer feedback and not commercial sales pages or biased sponsored reviews.
If the above statements resonate with you, then welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy the information on this blog. You can start here.