All You Need To Know About Electric Sanders

Man working with random orbital sander

Building large woodworking projects involves a lot of sanding. You can’t go without a good sander to achieve a finely finished surface.

This page was created with the intention of providing you comprehensive information on all topics relating to electric sanders. 

Sander Types Explained
Not yet sure what kind of a sander do you need? This comprehensive guide explains 15 types of sanders that are most commonly used in woodworking applications. Find out which one is best for you.
Random Orbital Sanders - A Review
A random orbital sander is by far the most versatile tool you can have in your arsenal. Many of today's random orbital sanders give you the power of a belt sander together with the ability to produce finer finishes. Which tool takes the #1 spot? Read the review to find out.

Reviews & How-To Guides

I have written quite a few articles about electric sanders so far. I have organized them here for you in a way that is easy to follow.