5 Best Budget Miter Saws Options That Won’t Break Your Bank

Best budget miter saw

Are you in a hurry and just want to know which budget miter saw is the best? Our #1 choice is Hitachi C10FCH2 Compound Miter Saw

As you begin your work as a contractor or woodworking hobbyist, you will find that time-saving power tools become increasingly important. One of those power tools is a miter saw. With so many options available, budget-conscious folks can find it hard to choose. That’s why we created this guide. In this article, you will learn how to select the right miter saw and which specific models are the best budget miter saws on the market right now.

These are the models we liked most:

Read on to learn why!

Important considerations

Do you really need a miter saw, to begin with?

The short answer is yes. So is the long one. If you are a construction contractor, or a woodworker looking to make projects with many similar cuts, a miter saw will become a critical tool in your inventory.

For a building contractor, the miter saw will allow you to make quick crosscuts on framing timber. It allows you to set the right angle for the miter cut and make those cuts repeatedly. Many of the models available today will also allow you to make compound cuts.

Many woodworking projects and jigs are made using building timber. For a woodworker, the ability to make quick repeated cuts is as important at home as it is to a contractor at the job site.

How to get the best value miter saw

My grandfather had many tools in his shop, and not all of them were top of the line. When it comes to buying tools on a budget, I learned from him that there are mainly two schools of thought. This is especially true if you are first starting out.

Start out cheap

For some, spending as little as possible on a miter saw makes the most sense. You can buy the miter saw that allows you to make the cuts without spending on unwanted extras.

Considering this approach if you are a woodworking beginner and you’ve only recently started building up your power tool collection. You can have the tool when it is needed, but you will also keep some extra money that can be spent on various blades or even other power tools.

Start out spending more

For someone like a professional carpenter, spending a little extra on your miter saw would make more sense. The added durability will allow your miter saw to withstand more beating, and any extras like sliding control or a dual bevel will prove beneficial on the job site.

I would suggest this approach if you are starting out as a general contractor or an experienced woodworker. Build quality will be a concern on jobs where your miter saw will be used more often. Also, many features included with more expensive models are added to save time with cuts, a factor that is important with laborers and woodworkers looking to save time.

With either approach, you will learn to use your miter saw properly over time. An advantage of buying a cheap miter saw is that you will discover what you desire from a miter saw. As you gain more experience, you will have an idea of what to look for with more expensive future purchases.

Features to consider with your budget miter saw

Safety: Outside of the standard blade guard found on all miter saws, look for features such as electric braking that will allow you to slow the blade down quickly. Another safety consideration is control placement. Make sure that the operating features, especially those dealing with motor power, are easy for you to reach at all times.

Cutting versatility: Compound and sliding control on a miter saw will add to the versatility you have with your cuts. Compound miter saws allow you to adjust the cutting blade to the left or right, adding additional angles to your cuts. Sliding miter saws allow the blade to travel farther from the fence, giving you the ability to cut wider sections of wood with a single pass.

Blade size: this is another important consideration, with the 10-inch miter saw considered the most popular choice that works well for hobbyist projects. You will see the 12-inch miter saw more often at job sites, where the larger blade can cut through materials such as crown molding. Keep in mind that you can always use a 10-inch blade on a 12-inch miter saw, but not the other way around.

Markings: Markings on the miter saw are important, and it is best if you find a model that has high-contrast markings that are easy to read at various light levels. Settings will often come with detents located on popular angles, allowing you to quickly set the blade at the desired position with just a glance. More advanced models may include technology that helps to set angles near the detents without the blade falling into them.

Cutting guides come in various designs, but the laser guide is found on many models. This places a line on the wood at the point the blade will cut, allowing you to align your project more accurately.

Five Best Affordable Miter Saws

Now let’s take a look at 5 specific inexpensive miter saw models that are the best ones on the market today.

DeWalt Miter Saw with XPS Cutline – Best Under $400


DeWalt has offered a well-constructed miter saw that is backed by the three-year manufacturer warranty, which is standard with most DeWalt products. You may find this model harder to find as it is no longer in the company line-up, however. This model offers a dual-bevel feature that allows you to make bevel cuts on both sides without much hassle.

  • This entry from DeWalt is a 12-inch model, a size that will allow you to cut larger wood panels than the smaller 10-inch blades used by many miter saws
  • An XPS Cutline light has been placed in the handle of the miter saw, aiding you as you place your lumber for more accurate alignment with the cutting blade
  • It employs a fence with a tall vertical surface, allowing users to cut wide lumber and molding with strong support on heights near 6 5/8-inches
  • The V-groove used on the fence tapers down a fair distance from the blade, leaving a lot of wide stock unsupported near the cut itself
  • As you might expect from a DeWalt entry on any review list, this product will come with a large price point for the features that it offers

DeWalt Compound Miter Saw – Best Under $300


A more basic 12-inch design from DeWalt, this model allows you to make single bevel, compound miter cut into your wooden projects of various widths. Professional building contractors will enjoy this addition to their power tool arsenal.

  • This miter saw comes with tall fences that can slide into position and out when they are not needed, leaving a shorter fence that will still provide a stopping point for your lumber
  • It uses a stainless steel plate for the angle position of saw and includes 14positive detent spots that are set to the most used angles
  • DeWalt has also included the ability to override those detent positions so that you can set the saw at the desired spot without it slipping into a detent position
  • The handle used by the company for this model hugs the blade housing very tightly compared to other DeWalt entries
  • While it does come with a dust bag at purchase, the bag itself is small and will fill quickly and cause you to make frequent stops to clean out the opening or to empty the bag

Hitachi Compound Miter Saw – Best Under $200


A 10-inch blade will provide you with plenty of cutting depth from most projects and should give you a bit more room for the miter saw on your table.

  • Hitachi has included a laser marker on this miter saw near the hinge area, allowing you to align your wood project before you turn on the saw or move the handle
  • While I would suggest connecting the miter saw up to a shop vac or dust removal system, the collection bag that the company includes is much larger than those used by a lot of other manufacturers
  • A 15 amp electric motor is used to power the blade, a respectable size that is often seen on 12-inch models
  • You may find edges and drilled out fastener points on the body that are sharp and might need to be addressed with a file to smooth them out
  • The handle used to help secure the saw at your desired angle is made from a high impact plastic that could wear more quickly considering the pressure exerted on it

Metabo Compound Miter Saw – Best Under $100


If you are shopping with a small budget, you can still find a miter saw under 100 dollars. It may not include many of the bells and whistles found on more expensive products, but it will allow you to make compound cuts with a standard range of miter angles as well.

  • This saw actually uses a decent-sized table considering the price that you will pay for it at the store
  • It uses lighter metals and plastics in the construction of the body, a feature that will actually cut down on the weight compared to items that use heavier materials
  • You can adjust for up to a 52-degree miter and a 45-degree bevel, a range that may not be found on other cheap miter saw designs
  • Your lower price point on this model begins at the materials used in its construction, which will seem rather flimsy when compared to some of the heavier duty products reviewed earlier
  • A screw is used to hold the miter saw in place at your chosen angle and it may tend to work loose if you do not keep an eye on it

Genesis Miter Saw with Laser Sight


This 10-inch miter saw provides you with a bit more durability than the cheap model above while still keeping things basic. That keeps the price point down on this model and makes it more simple to use.

  • This saw includes two wings on the edges of the table section, making it smaller and allowing it to be placed or stored in tighter spaces
  • It may come with only nine detent points, but those points are placed at the angles most often used by woodworkers and carpenters in the field
  • A twist clamped is located on the left side of the blade near the front of the saw, allowing you to access and operate it with just one hand
  • The extension wings that are included for each side lower the weight of this miter saw but will also offer less stability than a regular table surface would
  • You will have to clean off the laser sight more often on this miter saw as it is installed in an area where sawdust will build up quickly

Best Budget Miter Saw

While all of the products above stand out for particular reasons, I feel that the Hitachi Compound Miter Saw represents the best budget miter saw on the list. It may not be the cheapest that we reviewed, but it does not suffer from durability issues that the cheaper models may break down from.

This model uses a 10-inch blade, something that will work for most jobs you will encounter at work or in the shop. It also uses a 15 amp electric motor that you will find on the larger 12-inch models on this list.

It includes a laser marking system for greater cutting accuracy, and it provides you with 52 degrees of miter and 45-degree of bevel angle. The fence used on this model flips to increase its height, providing extra security and support on wider molding pieces.

Finally, this product is budget-friendly for the new construction worker and the guy building a shop at home.

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