Table Saw Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals of 2023

Table saw black friday cyber monday best deals

For many beginning and intermediate woodworkers, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals place power tools like table saws within reach of their budgets.

Black Friday 2021 looks to be an event that highlights several table saw manufacturers. Traditional DIY brands like Craftsman, Ryobi, and SKIL will target first-time power tool buyers and those with simple woodworking needs. Those who work trades, and more skilled woodworkers, will appreciate the deals on products from DeWalt, Milwaukee, or even SawStop.

Another advantage for consumers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals is that almost everything is on sale. You can find deals on table saws, circular saw blades, and accessories.

I have created a list of some products worth reviewing, so keep reading to find products to improve your woodworking with a table saw and save in 2021.

DeWalt Table Saw Black Friday Deals

DeWalt DWE7491RS 10-Inch Table Saw


Jobsite table saws are portable, and this product measures about 31 inches L x 24.5 inches W x 31 inches H. It weighs 90 pounds, but the rolling stand will allow you to move it yourself with minimal effort.

A 10-inch table saw allows you to cut through most framing lumber and sheet goods used on beginning or intermediate projects. The DWE7491RS has a maximum cutting depth of 3.125 inches at 90-degrees and 2.25 inches at 45-degrees.

I like the rip capacity on this design, which offers 32.5 inches to the right of the blade and 22.0 inches to the left.

You can also equip dado blades up to .813 inches (13/16 inches), something many portable table saws can not do effectively or safely.

Stand-out feature
What makes the DWE7491RS stand out from similar products is the rip capacity it offers. It allows you to make rip cuts up to 32.5-inches to the right of the saw blade. That will let you dimension wide panels used for large containers or furniture pieces.

DeWalt DWE7485 8.25-Inch Table Saw


Most novice woodworkers can make do with a smaller table saw, and this 8.25-inch design fits the bill. It is 22.75 inches L x 22.75 inches W x 13.0 inches H and weighs only 46 pounds.

An 8.25-inch circular saw blade provides plenty of cutting depth for smaller lumber. You can make cuts 2.563 inches deep at 90-degrees and 1.75 inches at 45-degrees. That will still cut through a 2 x 4 if you are making beveled cuts.

A rip capacity of 24.5 inches to the right of the blade can still break down sheets of plywood, and a 12.0-inch rip capacity to the left is adequate for cleaning up most lumber you cut.

You will not equip a dado stack on this model, however, and no dust extraction port.

Stand-out feature
The table saw is compact and lightweight. You can move this around your shop (or home for DIY projects) without assistance. It is also easier to store, which is crucial if you put power tools away when not in use.

DeWalt DCS7485B 8.25-Inch Table Saw


Another 8.25-inch table saw from DeWalt is this model that measures 23.8 inches L x 23.8 inches W x 12.8 inches H, weighing 45 pounds. It is compact and is moveable by one person. The cordless design lets you set up the table saw anywhere in your shop or on the job site.

The DCS7485B is rated at 60-volts, providing the power you need to cut 2.5 inches deep at 90-degrees or 1.75 inches at 45-degrees. You can cut most building materials, but the thick lumber may require more than one pass to cut through.

A 24-inch rip capacity to the right will cut a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood, a maximum width for most starting projects.

Stand-out feature
I appreciate the FLEXVOLT battery platform and feel it separates this table saw from other cordless designs. The FLEXBOLT design automatically switches between 20-volts and 60-volts, allowing you to use these batteries for a wide range of power tools. A 60V MAX designation means that you have plenty of voltage to drive the blade through cuts at depth.

Skil Table Saw Black Friday Deals

SKILSAW SPT99-11 10-Inch Table Saw


The rolling stand for this table saw increases overall measurements to around 52.6 inches L x 29.53 inches W x 35.08 inches H and weight of 52.9 pounds. Its handles can help support materials as you cut them, meaning that they do more than take up space.

A maximum cutting depth of 3.625 inches at 90-degrees or 2.3 inches at 45-degrees is ample for most timber you will be cutting. You can also equip this table saw with a dado stack up to .5-inches in width.

A rip capacity of 30.5-inches to the right and 16.5-inches to the left of the blade is spacious. There is dust extraction on this product, which helps to keep your shop clean.

Stand-out feature
The worm drive gear system is what sets this product apart. Skil uses the worm drive to increase torque, which translates to greater strength through a cut. You will not bog down in deeper cuts or dense wood grains, and the lower RPMs will not affect blade performance.

SKIL TS6307-00 10-Inch Table Saw


Skil was a recognized brand name when I returned to woodworking, and the TS6307 provides a simple design that reminds me of my first table saw purchase. It measures 27.17 inches L x 28.74 inches W x 16.93 inches H and weighs 51.2 pounds shipped. The height increases to 32-inches when the telescoping legs extend on the integrated stand.

It can cut up to 3.5 inches deep at 90-degrees and 2.5 inches at 45-degrees. You can add a dado stack up to 0.625 inches (5/8 inches) wide. The table saw allows you to make rip cuts up to 25.5-inches on the right or 14.0-inches on the left of the saw blade.

These dimensions will cut through a 4 x 4 with no blade angle and cut 4 x 8 plywood sheets in half.

Stand-out feature
It uses a folding leg setup that connects to the table saw housing. The integrated system provides a stable platform while you cut, and the telescoping legs retract if you want to use it on your bench.

SKILSAW SPT99T-01 8.25-Inch Table Saw


The SPT99T-01 is a smaller 8.25-inch design that takes up approximately 23.5 inches L x 21.5 inches W x 13.0 inches H while weighing 44 pounds. It is more compact than Skil’s 10-inch products, making it easier to move and store.

You can cut 2.625 inches at 90-degrees or 1.875 inches at 45-degrees. That is adequate for 2 x 4 materials, but thick lumber may need a second pass too severe.

You can rip 25.0 inches on the right or 12.0 inches on the left of the saw blade. It can also equip a 0.5-inch dado stack.

The patented Dual-Field motor design is worth noting, as it runs at a lower temperature than a traditional induction design.

Stand-out feature
The power generated by the 15-amp electric motor combined with the worm gears is what stands out to me on this table saw. It generates up to 5,300 RPMs on the arbor under no-load and should not bog down. It will provide a consistent cut, no matter the depth of wood grain density.

Bosch Table Saw Black Friday Deal

Bosch 4100XC-10 10-Inch Table Saw


The Black Friday Deal from Bosch measures 27.0 inches L x 32.5 inches W x 13.0 inches H and weighs 58 pounds. Its height and weight increase with the addition of the wheeled stand, but it becomes easy to move, and you can store it on its side.

You can cut 3.125 inches deep at 90-degrees or 2.25 inches at 45-degrees. It is worth noting that the bevel angles range from -2 to 47-degrees, providing any bevel angle a novice woodworker would need.

Its 10-inch saw blade spins at a modest 3,650 RPMs under no-load and has a maximum rip capacity of 30-inches to the right of the blade. The saw only provides 8.5-inches of rip capacity to the left side, however.

Bosch is known for performance-enhancing tech and includes constant-response circuitry, soft-start circuitry, and restart protection on this product.

Stand-out feature
The gravity rise wheeled stand makes this worksite table saw unique. It can be set up or taken down with one action. That, along with several electronic protections, offers you the latest in table saw technology.

Milwaukee Table Saw Black Friday Deal

Milwaukee 2736-21HD 8.25-Inch Table Saw


Milwaukee offers this cordless table saw designed for rugged worksite conditions. It takes up 22.0 inches Lx 22.5 inches W x 12.0 inches H and weighs 41.6 pounds. That makes it portable enough to fit into the back of a truck for transport from site to site.

The M18 battery platform provides a consistent charge that performs like a 15-volt induction motor. It generates 6,300 RPMs under no-load with maximum cutting depths of 2.5 inches at 90-degrees and 1.75 inches at 45-degrees.

The 24.5-inch rip capacity allows you to cut 4 x 8 sheets in half, and the battery is rated to provide up to 600 linear feet per charge.

Another consideration is that this is a kit, which explains the higher price point here.

Stand-out feature
I like kits, and this purchase includes a battery as well as a charger. The M18 & M12 Rapid Charger provides up to 40-percent faster charges, and the M18 Red Lithium provides 50-percent more power while running at a lower temperature.

Makita Table Saw Black Friday Deal

Makita 2705 10-Inch Table Saw


Many woodworkers are familiar with Makita’s cordless power tools, but this corded table is worth a second glance. It measures about 26.75 inches L x 30.25 inches W x 13.5 inches H and weighs 64 pounds. Those specs make it a smaller design that still operates as a contractor table saw.

Its motor generates up to 4,800 RPMs on the 10-inch saw blade, with maximum cutting depths of 3.565 inches at 90-degrees and 2.5 inches at 45-degrees. You can equip a dado stack up to 0.813 inches (13/16 inches) as well.

The table saw has a maximum rip capacity of 25-inches to the right of the saw blade. Safety features throughout the tool’s design are great for new woodworkers, including a transparent blade guard, riving knives, and anti-kickback pawls.

Stand-out feature
Makita has built its brand name on power tools that are easy to use, and this table saw is no exception. An advanced blade guard system, onboard storage, ergonomic knobs/levers, and visible markings make this a beginner-friendly table saw.

SawStop Table Saw Black Friday Deals

SawStop PCS31230-TGP236 10-Inch Table Saw


For more advanced woodworking, this cabinet table saw will match amateur or professional needs. The design takes up 69.125 inches L x 33.0 inches W x 34.0 H and weighs 491.4 pounds shipped. Full-sized cabinet saws will require a dedicated shop space, so keep those dimensions in mind.

The saw blade will reach a maximum cutting depth of 3.125 inches at 90-degrees and 2.25 inches at 45-degrees. A 0.812 inch (13/16 inches) dado stacks fit its arbor. Its SafeStop system stops the saw blade with skin contact, making it safer than older designs.

You can get up to 36.0 inches of rip capacity to the right of the saw blade. It only provides 12.0 inches rip capacity to the left, but you will want to take advantage of the material support on the right anyways.

Stand-out feature
The feature that stands out here for me is the T-glide fence system. It is heavy gauge steel, which should hold its accuracy for the lifetime of your hobby. Accuracy is maintained through the locking lever and guides the fence moves along.

SawStop JSS-120A60 10-Inch Table Saw


SawStop also has a smaller job site design measuring 48 inches L x 29 inches W x 26 inches H and 113 pounds with the cart. It takes up far less room than the cabinet design and is mobile with its rolling stand.

Its 10-inch saw blade cuts up to 3.125 inches at 90-degrees and 2.125 inches at 45-degrees. You can add a dado stack up to 0.813 inches (13/16 inches) wide on the arbor.

A maximum rip capacity of 25.5 inches to the right of the saw blade will easily cut 4 x 8 sheet goods, but the 9.75 inches to the left might feel underwhelming to some.

Also worth noting is the 2.25-inch extraction port and a 116-inch power cord.

Stand-out feature
I was happy to see that SawStop included its patented safety system on this job site table saw design. The safety system can stop the saw blade in five milliseconds and drop the saw blade below the table surface.

Ryobi Table Saw Black Friday Deal

Ryobi RTS12 10-Inch Table Saw


The RTS12 ships at about 36.0 inches L x 29.0 inches W x 15.0 inches H, which is spacious considering the limited workpiece support it provides you. It does include a folding stand that allows you to set it up independently from a tabletop.

The saw blade can reach up to 5,000 RPMs under no-load conditions, an adequate speed for many 10-inch saw blades. It adjusts to make 3.0 inch deep cuts at 90-degrees or 2.5 inches at 45-degrees.

I did note that the listed rip capacity tops out at 12-inches to the right of the saw blade or 8-inches to the left. Those specs will limit using this on light-duty applications safely.

The stand comes completely unassembled, so be prepared to build it.

Stand-out feature
Ryobi offers a compact design for your price that includes a three-year limited warranty on the table saw. That is a better coverage package than the Makita brand and may provide the consumer confidence and support you need to buy.

Ridgid Table Saw Black Friday Deals

RIDGID R4514 10-Inch Table Saw


The R4514 weighs 95 pounds, which would be a struggle for one person to move. Thankfully, Ridgid includes a wheeled stand to make this heavy-duty design mobile. The wheeled stand can be set up and taken down in one action, making it fast and easy.

A 15 amp induction motor generates up to 5,000 RPMs on the arbor under no-load conditions. A maximum cutting depth of 3.5 inches at 90-degrees and 2.5 inches at 45-degrees will handle most framing lumber.

You get a rip capacity of 25.0-inches to the right of the saw blade, which will break down 4 x 8 plywood sheets. It offers a rip capacity of 12.0 inches to the left of the saw blade.

Stand-out feature
The low fence is a great addition to this table saw. A lower support fence can reach under the blade guard as you work. That provides a support and guide surface when you are making thin cuts close to the saw blade.

RIDGID R4518 10-Inch Table Saw


One of the subtle differences you will find with the R4518 compared to the previous model from Ridgid is that it weighs less, listing at 75 pounds. It uses a different stand as well. A lack of wheels makes this one less mobile, however.

A similar 15 amp electric motor generates up to 5,000 RPMs without a load, an acceptable speed range on many circular saw blades. It cuts to a depth of 3.375 inches at 90-degrees and 2.5 inches at 45-degrees.

The maximum rip capacity to the right of the saw blade is 27.0-inches. That is an additional two inches more than on Ridgid’s R4514.

Stand-out feature
I think the Lifetime Service Agreement from Ridgid is a stand-out feature for the R4518 table saw. The agreement allows you, as the original owner, to register for coverage. You get free service and free replacement parts as indicated on the company web page.

Craftsman Table Saw Black Friday Deal

Craftsman CMXETAX69434502 10-Inch Table Saw


At 27.375 inches in length and 26.0 inches tall, this compact table saw weighs 54 pounds. It is moveable with some effort, but it is worth noting that the stand does not include wheels. The fixed tool stand will require assembly out of the box, but it does make a stable platform.

The motor generates up to 5,000 RPMs on the arbor, and the 10-inch blade can make maximum rip cuts of 12.0 inches to the right of the saw blade or 10.0 inches to the left side. That will be adequate for many beginner projects but might be lacking for those looking to future-proof their woodshop.

It has a maximum cutting depth of 3.125 at 90-degrees or 2.25 inches at 45-degrees.

Stand-out feature
The compact table saw comes at a bargain price point when compared to other 10-inch table saws. Add to that Black Friday Deal prices, and you have a table saw that is within reach of most hobbyists. The three-year limited warranty indicates that Craftsman is not skimping out on build quality at this price, boosting consumer confidence.

Black Friday Table Saw Deals

Everyone knows that manufacturers and retailers alike offer great deals for this special shopping day. You can add a table saw to your home or work tool collection by clicking on the affiliate links I have provided. Take advantage of these holiday discounts and increase your woodworking enjoyment!

Missed your opportunity to buy a table saw with a great discount? Check out our budget table saw review if you are on a shoestring budget.

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